PRISM Edge – A new approach to data center gateways

ONS 2015 – Kulcloud and PICA8 are partnering to facilitate deployment of scalable data-center gateway solution(PRISM) on top of PICA8 whitebox switches integrating with openstack’s neutron plugin. It provides a simple/scalable/cheap L3 gateway solution using PRISM system. It can replaces whole L3 router features and migrate to whitebox switch with simple agent. Kulcloud demonstrated this on Open Networking Summit 2015’s main show case and MPLS SDN 2015.

Lifecycle Service Orchestration(LSO) of SDN Datacenter and carrier ethernet 2.0 network

MEF 2015 – Kulcloud, WebNMS, Omnitron and Veryx are partnering to facilitate deployment of lifecycle service orchestration for service providers to quickly provision, launch and manage dynamic services. The network consists of an SDN-based data center network and a carrier ethernet 2.0 access network with 10G protected fiber rings. The PRISM is used to control the data center network in the demonstration. Kulcloud demonstrated this on MEF GEN 2015.