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We prepared engineering support

Engineering Supports

SeverityDescriptionResponse TimeUpdate Frequency
1The system is down and non-functional due to the problem and no procedural workaround exists
24 hoursEvery 12 hours
2There is a sporadic system outage or a problem that is consistently
encountered with significant impact to functionality
48 hoursEvery 24 hours
3Issue occurs when there is a problem that affects the functionality or features of Customer’s PRISM platform environment but there is no impact to critical functionality
48 hoursEvery 2 weeks
4There is a problem that leads to minor loss of functionality or which affects the functionality of a particular feature of the system.  
Severity 4 issues may also include information requests, feature
requests and cosmetic fixes
56 hoursEvery 4 weeks

The update frequency represents a commitment that an update will be given to the customer at the defined frequency until the issue is resolved or changes its criticality status.

For support, Kulcloud will only provide email/call support services to customer during the basic hours of support(9am – 5pm Monday through Friday) . Email/Call support: monitored 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday.

Emails/calls received outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day.

Advanced/premium support is available on a per customer requirement basis

MUL SDN Contoller FAQs

1 Where can one find the logs of MuL controller?

It can be found along with system log files usually placed in /var/log/syslog

2 Controller software stopped working. What to do?

Make sure your license period is active. Check log files to find any errors. Else, contact Kulcloud support.

3 The logs say license expired. What to do?

Make sure your license period is active. If so, make sure system clock of the installed system is correctly setup. If nothing works contact Kulcloud support.

4 Is it possible to use Mul controller to support HA with Openflow 1.0?

Yes, it is possible to support HA based on Openflow 1.0 switches if they support connecting to two controllers at the same time. However to use this feature with a particular Openflow switch, it has to be verified by Kulcloud.

5 Addition of entries such as flows/groups/meters using CLI or restful interface returned failure? How to check what went wrong?

The failure reason can be found by analyzing the log files. Users can also run the controller components in verbose mode to get more information.

6 Is there a way to check or dump Openflow transactions happening
inside MuL controller?

Yes. The easiest way is to run mul director/core component with –p option ( ./mul –p ) which will enable dumping of all valid Openflow transactions with all switches. Alternatively, one can also use cli command to configure per switch RX or TX based dump enable or disable commands.

7 Does controller install any default flows to a switch after connection setup with controller?

Yes. Controller will install default entries per table to redirect all unknown flows to itself.

8 Is there a way to stop installing default flow entries to a switch after connection setup with controller?

Yes. One has to run MuL director/core component with –n option (./mul –n ) which will disable this behavior.

9 Does controller clear any existing flow/group/meter entries in the switch after connection setup?

No, controller will not clear any such stale entries. Instead controller will read existing entries when it boots up.

10 Can MuL controller in HA mode prevent split-brain syndrome when there is a prolonged period of network outage which might prevent HA heartbeats to fail?

Yes. Once communication resumes, the controllers will renegotiate and assume slave or master roles.

11 How does MuL controller handle packet-ins at line rate sent by switches?

The controller runs rate-limiting algorithm to discard packet-ins received at a rate higher than a configurable rate (please check CLI documentation regarding this). However this rate-limiting algorithm runs in software and may not be effective to deal with this. Users
can also configure meters (OF1.3 feature) to do similar throttling in the switch itself before sending packet-ins to controller.

12 The flow/table/group statistics shown by CLI doesn’t seem to be getting updated. What is the reason?

The controller gathers statistics only for those entries for which stats is enabled and to prevent overwhelming the controller, the stats polling timeout happens every ~5 sec so users may experience a slight delay in the updated stats displayed.

13 Can MuL controller run in active-active mode instead of active-slave?

MuL controller core can run in active-active mode but all currently available applications may not support this mode and result in undefined behavior.

14 What is the turnaround time if users request an urgent SDN feature to be included in the controller software?

Normally we do our best to support all the requests from all customers but each request has to be evaluated by development team before we can commit to a release schedule for the same.

If you have another issue or problem, you can report by email.

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